The Ultimate Enhancement of Morality
Rakic, Vojin
2021, 84 S, Kt, (Springer)
Bestell-Nr. 389780

58,84 EUR

This book deals with good, evil, happiness and morally enhanced post-humans. It offers a succinct historical elaboration of philosophical stances towards morality and happiness, focusing on Kant's ideas in particular. Human augmented ethical maturity in a futuristic version of Kant's Ethical Commonwealth implies, among else, voluntary moral bio-enhancement (VMBE); consequently, more happiness - as morality and happiness are in a circularly supportive relationship; ultimate morality (UM). UM is in its own way a universal morality. In line with the contention that Kant's vision of the (not immediate but more distant) future of humanity is one of a cosmopolitan moral order in which humans act virtuously in the broadest possible community, that is, humanity, it is justified to conclude that successful VMBE is conducive to Kant's vision.


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