Schleiermacher's Plato
Lamm, Julia A.
2021, 220 S, Gb, (Gruyter)
Bestell-Nr. 389712

79,95 EUR

Friedrich Schleiermacher's Platons Werke (1804-28) changed how we understand Plato. His translation of Plato's dialogues remained the authoritative one in the German-speaking world for two hundred years, but it was his interpretation of Plato and the Platonic corpus, set forth in his Introductions to the dialogues, that proved so revolutionary for classicists and philosophers worldwide. Schleiermacher created a Platonic question for the modern world. Yet, in Schleiermacher studies, surprisingly little is known about Schleiermacher's deep engagement with Plato. Schleiermacher's Plato is the first book-length study of the topic. It addresses two basic questions: How did Schleiermacher understand Plato? In what ways was Schleiermacher's own thought influenced by Plato? Lamm argues that Schleiermacher's thought was profoundly influenced by Plato, or rather by his rather distinctive understanding of Plato. This is true not only of Schleiermacher's philosophy (Hermeneutics, Dialectics) but also of his thinking about religion and Christian faith during the first decade of the nineteenth century (Christmas Dialogue, Speeches on Religion).


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