In Between Communication Theories Through One Hundred Questions
Kacerauskas / Mickunas
2021, 278 S, Kt, (Springer)
Bestell-Nr. 389277

64,19 EUR

This book takes the form of a dialogue. It presents two authors, specialized in the phenomenolog?, posing questions to each other and offering complex answers for critical discussion. The book includes both presentation of different communication schools and philosophizing on the issues of communication. The authors debate numerous topics by providing the definition and etymology of communication, examining the limits of communication, and using a poli-logical base of communication. The issue which pervades all domains is that of mediation: how things, such as identities, styles, and bodies are mediated by culture, history, and tradition, and what the limits are of such mediation. This question leads to more complex issues of "mediated mediations? such that an explication of one medium is framed by another medium, leading to a question of meta-language as a fundamental, unmediated medium. This involves some fine points of mediation: perspectivity, discursivity, ethics of communication, ideology, private and public. Throughout the mutual, interrogative dialogue, the authors touch upon, but avoid the daunting commitment to, a theory of metacommunication, as well as the "transcendental? problematic of accessing the numerous theoretical, thematic, and historical aspects of communication.


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