History of Philosophy and the Reflective Society
Pozzo, Riccardo
2021, 240 S, Gb, (Gruyter)
Bestell-Nr. 389727

79,95 EUR

This book is about innovation, reflection and inclusion. Cultural innovation is something real that tops up social and technological innovation by providing the reflective society with spaces of exchange in which citizens engage in the process of sharing their experiences while appropriating common goods content. We are talking of public spaces such as universities, academies, libraries, museums, science-centres, but also of any place in which co-creation activities may occur. The argument starts with the need for new narratives in the history of philosophy, which can be established through co-creation, the motor of cultural innovation. The result is redefining the history of philosophy in terms of a dialogical civilization by ensuring continuous translations, individual processes of reflection and collective processes of inclusion.


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