Faces of a face
Portraiture as a means of representing faces
Kisonova, Renata
2021, 164 S, Kt, (Lang)
Bestell-Nr. 389715

49,95 EUR

The book focuses on the phenomenon of a face in philosophical, cognitive, and aesthetical context. Text is divided into two main parts: the ?rst is considering the face as an object. The second part is about speci?c facets of the face and how faces are portrayed in portraits. The text focuses on the etymology of the term «face» and its semantic roots. It considers various uses of the word «face» in metaphors and the idea that through a metaphorical use of the word face, there is a link to human identity or personality. The second part of this book details portraits, their etymology and semantic roots, history and various functions in history. Regarding the various transformations of portraits and mainly the invention of photography, it also deals with the problem of the end, or death of a portrait.


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