Being Towards Death
Heidegger and the Orthodox Theology of the East
Avakian, Sylvie
2021, 345 S, Gb, (Gruyter)
Bestell-Nr. 389757

89,95 EUR

This book draws the philosophical contribution of Martin Heidegger together with theological-spiritual insights from the East, especially that of Nikolai Berdyaev. Thus, it brings into dialogue the West with the East, and philosophy with theology. By doing so, it offers Christian theology an existential-spiritual language that is relevant and meaningful for the contemporary reader. In particular, the work explores Heidegger's ?being towards death' (Sein zum Tode) as the basis for theological-philosophical thinking. Only the one who embraces ?being towards death' has the courage to think and poetize. This thinking, in turn, makes ?being towards death' possible, and in this circular movement of thinking and being, the mystery of being reveals itself and yet remains hidden. Since the work aims at demonstrating ?being towards death' through language, it transitions away from the common formulations and traditionally accepted ways of writing (dogmatic) theology towards an original, philosophical reflection on faith and spirituality. At different points, however, the work also retrieves the profound thoughts and theologies of the past, the insightful creativity of which cannot be denied.


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