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Methodology, Epistemology, and Philosophy of Science
Essays in Honour of Wolfgang Stegmüller on the Occasion of his 60th B irth day, June 3rd, 1983. Reprinted from the Journal Erkenntnis, Vol. 19, Nos 1,2 and 3
1983, 432 S, Gb, (Springer)
Bestell-Nr. 132850
245,03 EUR

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Fortschrittseuphorie und MachtwahnFortschrittseuphorie und Machtwahn
Hempel, Hans-Peter
2009, 160 S, Kt, (K&N)
Bestell-Nr. 147674
19,80 EUR

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Heideggers HolzwegeHeideggers Holzwege
Hempel, Hans P
2010, 160 S, Kt, (K&N)
Bestell-Nr. 150174
19,80 EUR

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