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Harming Future Persons
Ehtics, Genetics and the Non-identity Problem
2008, Gb, (Springer)
Bestell-Nr. 131909
208,64 EUR

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From Piltdown Man to Point Omega
The Evolutionary Theory of Teilhard de Chardin
Roberts, Noel K
2000, 239 S, Gb, (Lang)
Bestell-Nr. 142483
60,00 EUR

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Abortion and the Moral Significance of Mere Possible Persons
Finding Middle Ground in Hard Cases
Roberts, Melinda A.
2010, 225 S, Gb, (Springer)
Bestell-Nr. 148058
160,49 EUR

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Harming Future Persons
Ethics, Genetics and the Nonidentity Problem
Roberts / Wasserman (Hg)
2011, 335 S, Kt, (Springer)
Bestell-Nr. 231407
208,64 EUR

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