Adorno's Nonidentical and Derrida's Différance
For a Resurrection of Negative Dialectics
Zenklusen, Stefan
2020, 182 S, Gb, (Cuvillier)
Bestell-Nr. 388548

65,90 EUR

The virulent anti-Hegelianism of French poststructuralism and its (difficult) confrontation with Jürgen Habermas has long obscured the closeness of Jacques Derrida's "différance" to Theodor W. Adorno's "Nonidentical." Taking the overarching theme of "identity and difference" as a guide, we can peel apart what unites and separates these two thinkers. In so doing, certain "de-realizing" effects of Derrida's entrapment in signs reveal themselves. By contrast, Adorno's social and cultural diagnosis, when extrapolated to a post-Fordian context is astonishingly fruitful. Attempts to trivialize negative dialectics as a model of intellectual self-understanding from a past age or as an esthetic reserve of ways of life are untenable.


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