Aquinas on God's Simplicity and Perfection
Questions 3-6 of Summa Theologiae, Ia - Newly Translated and Carefully Explained
Augros, Michael
2020, 522 S, Gb, (ed scholasticae)
Bestell-Nr. 387805

139,00 EUR

All perfections of things pre-exist in the divine essence, yet it is entirely simple, without components. These seemingly opposed attributes of God are reconciled in Questions 3-6 of the First Part of the Summa theologiae, here newly translated and explained in line-by-line detail. Among topics receiving special attention are Aquinas's doctrine of participation, his conception of God as a subsisting act of being, and the distinction and order of transcendentals such as being, goodness, and beauty. Intended for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and teachers, Aquinas on God's Simplicity and Perfection throws light on the order of Aquinas's questions, addresses difficulties commonly encountered by modern readers, and includes an exhaustive glossary of all technical terms occurring in the Summa's first six Questions.


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