The Trans Phenomenon and the Nature of Self
Moore's Paradox? More Paradoxes!
Brakel, Linda A.W.
2020, 130 S, Gb, (Gruyter)
Bestell-Nr. 385364

79,95 EUR

This book considers the Trans phenomenon from several directions that usually do not appear together. 1) Can Trans persons' "rationally" assent to Moore-Paradoxical statements? 2) Three fundamental philosophical questions about the Self naturally arise with the trans phenomenon: An ontological question; an epistemological question; and a conceptual question. Brakel embarks on a wide-ranging journey. The first stop revisits four classic philosophers and their views of the Self. From there the exploration becomes more modern, investigating: 1) views of Self-constitution; 2) the Self one is concerned about when survival is at issue; and 3) accounts of selected gender theorists. But, with no clearcut resolution, Brakel bridges these philosophical matters with biological ones, advancing a proper-function evolutionary view of gender and trans gender. Following this she reviews recent brain research-with criticisms and appreciation for mixed results. The work ends with an experimental philosophy adaptation of three classic self thought experiments that offer surprising real-world potential for Trans persons.


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