The Appearing of God According to the Writings of Johannes Scottus Eriugena
Mooney, Hilary Anne-Marie
2009, 250 S, Gb, (Mohr)
Bestell-Nr. 147356

79,00 EUR

Hilary Anne-Marie Mooney investigates the notion of theophany in the writings of the early medieval thinker Johannes Scottus Eriugena. She focuses on the creative impulses which he draws from the Scripture and she investi gates the influence of theological and philosophical thinkers of the first six Christian centuries on Eriugena. The author considers those passages of Eriugena's writings in which the precise term theophany is used as well as other passages in which the term does not occur but which are nonetheless imbued with the notion of a theophanic appearing of God. In her study, the author maintains that a theophanic structure characte rized by four recurring facets may be unearthed in Eriugena's theology of the revealing of God.


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