Die Griechen im Denken Nietzsches
Müller, Enrico
2005, 292 S, Gb, (Gruyter)
Bestell-Nr. 125001

129,95 EUR

Enrico Müller presents here the first overall philosophical account of the significance of the Greeks for Nietzsche’s thought. He demonstrates how Nietzsche’s own philosophy developed in his occupation with Attic tragedy, Greek culture and the Pre-Socratics and expounds the problems Nietzsche had in delineating his philosophy from the logos-based philosophy of Classical Greece. In his interpretation of the tense relationship between Nietzsche and Socrates and Plato, Müller concludes that in the final analysis Nietzsche’s philosophy remains bound to the models of Socratic-Platonic dialectics. Working from contemporary scholarship in Greek Studies and Ancient History, the astonishing modernity of Nietzsche’s approaches becomes apparent.


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