Ethikbegr├╝ndungen zwischen Universalismus und Relativismus
Heidemann / Engelhard (Hg)
2005, 431 S, Gb, (Gruyter)
Bestell-Nr. 124990

159,95 EUR

For several years there has been a growing interest in questions of philosophical ethics, and this appears to be continuing. The issues surrounding the different forms and concepts of moral philosophy have resulted in tensions which have spawned a complex ethical pluralism. This pluralism can, however, basically be traced back to two different conceptual foundations - universalism and relativism. The volume presented by Heidemann and Engelhard examines these two concepts from both a historical philosophical and a systematic perspective. Key Features comprehensive compendium suitable both as an introduction to the topic and for a deeper understanding of individual positions takes account of new positions in the foundations of ethics


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