Kant und die BewuƟtseinstheorien des 18. Jahrhunderts
Wunderlich, Falk
2005, 274 S, Gb, (Gruyter)
Bestell-Nr. 124968

109,95 EUR

Falk Wunderlich advances a fundamentally new approach to an understanding of Kant's theory of consciousness. In the first part of his study, he presents a detailed reconstruction of 18th century discussions on the theory of consciousness, focusing on those discussions in the context of which Kant's deliberations took place. In the second part, Kant's approaches to a theory of consciousness are related to these contemporary debates. The author takes the view that, contrary to appearances, Kant only modifies the standard contemporarary views on consciousness, apperception and consciousness of self to a limited degree and retains their terminological bases. Finally, an alternative interpretation of transcendental discussion is offered against the background of this contextualisation.


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