Pathos, Affekt, Gefühl
Die Emotionen in den Künsten
Herding / Stumpfhaus
2004, 649 S, Kt, (Gruyter)
Bestell-Nr. 124945

79,95 EUR

Transcending both disciplinary boundaries and the boundary between theory and practice, this is the first book to present a summary of the present-day debate on the emotions in the arts . The papers give experts and interested non-specialists a profound insight into the question of what can be understood by emotion and feeling and how emotions achieve their effects in the arts. Contributors include the architects Peter Eisenman and Daniel Libeskind, the poet and Büchner-Laureate Thomas Kling, the composer Dieter Schnebel, the philosophers Agnes Heller and Brigitte Scheer, the psychologist Rainer Krause and the art historian Werner Hofmann.


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