J.M.R. Lenz unter dem Einfluss des fr├╝hkritischen Kant
Ein Beitrag zur Neubestimmung des Sturm und Drang
Kasties, Bert
2003, 279 S, Gb, (Gruyter)
Bestell-Nr. 124939

109,95 EUR

That the alleged Sturm und Drang writer J.M.R. Lenz was once a long-time student of Immanuel Kant is a fact that literary studies has largely ignored up to now. The present study is the first to extensively examine Kant's strong influence on Lenz's intellectual and artistic developments. The result of this study is not only a modified understanding of Lenz's literary works, but also of a literary movement in which Lenz was wrongfully extolled alongside Goethe as one of its protagonists.


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