Systematischer Kommentar zur Kritik der reinen Vernunft
Interdisziplinäre Bilanz der Kantforschung seit 1945
Natterer, Paul
2002, Gb, (Gruyter)
Bestell-Nr. 124931

239,95 EUR

Paul Natterer's systematic commentary on the Critique of Pure Reason fills a long-standing gap in Kant scholarship. It is based on an analysis and evaluation of all the German and English-speaking literature published on the Critique since 1945. The influence of Kant’s thought on present-day philosophy remains unbroken. The author sets himself the task of examining its power in detail. He does this with special reference to cognitive science and the philosophy of mind. The result is a systematic evaluation of the Critique of Pure Reason as a metatheory of present-day interdisciplinary research into cognition. In this context, Natterer presents the first detailed analysis of the systemic positions of empirical psychology, formal logic and general metaphysics in the Kantian theory of cognition. In addition, from the perspective of the history of science he compares the positions put forward in the Critique of Pure Reason with the ancient, scholastic and modern traditions in which Kant’s thought can be situated. Overviews, indexes and the structural division of the work into 36 compact chapters make it possible to access the comprehensive and complex material rapidly and methodically.


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