Der 'Apostel der Rache'
Nietzsches Paulusdeutung
Havemann, Daniel
2002, 312 S, Gb, (Gruyter)
Bestell-Nr. 124928

154,95 EUR

Friedrich Nietzsche understood himself to be the great adversary of Christianity. In The Antichrist he escalated his critique into a controversial interpretation of the Apostle Paul. This study shows that a considered examination of Nietzsche's interpretation of Paul is theologically and philosophically fruitful despite (and even because of) its polemics. Nietzsche's interpretation of the Apostle attacks a Christianity that reduces the Gospel to a moral that can be taught. With this contentious interpretation of Paul, which acquires theological aspects as well, Nietzsche creates a form of moral critique that attacks existing "truths" without itself being understandable as "truth". The author inquires into the sources and development of the image of Paul in Nietzsche's thought and brings Paul and Nietzsche into a richly woven philosophical and theological discourse.


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