Ende und Vollendung
Eschatologische Perspektiven im Mittelalter
Aertsen / Pickave
2001, 763 S, Gb, (Gruyter)
Bestell-Nr. 124911

279,00 EUR

In the Middle Ages more than in other periods, eschatology informed the way people understood humankind and the world. The papers in the present volume are devoted to the complexity and interconnectivty of the eschatological orientation of the Middle Ages. Central topics are questions of the influence and formation of eschatological themes in philosophy and the significance of ideas of the final end in medieval political thought. In addition, there is a consideration of further themes from history, theology, art and literature. The 29th volume of the Miscellanea Mediaevalia contains the papers delivered to the 32nd Cologne Medieval Studies Conference plus additional contributions. The volume includes five papers on the 50-year history of the Thomas Institute, which has been organising the Cologne Medieval Studies Conference for the last half century.
"[...] will doubtless become a standard work of reference on eschatology in medieval thought and culture." Philipp W. Rosemann in: Revue d'Histoire Ecclesiastique 3-4/2004


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