Kierkegaard's Category of Repetition
A Reconstruction
Eriksen, Niels Nymann
2000, 182 S, Gb, (Gruyter)
Bestell-Nr. 124893

109,95 EUR

In the history of Kierkegaard reception scholars have predominantly focused on the pseudonymous works. Thus, while there are long traditions of research on well known pseudonymous works, such as Either/Or and The Sickness unto Death, scholarship on the edifying discourses is still at the pioneering stage. In an effort to bring this other, neglected half of Kierkegaard's authorship into focus, this volume of the Yearbook is dedicated specifically to the edifying discourses from 1843 44 and to Three Discourses on Imagined Occasions, from 1845. It features articles from leading international scholars on various aspects of these discourses, which are explored from literary, philosophical and theological perspectives. A series of articles has also been included on the history of reception of these edifying discourses in the various countries and language groups. The Yearbook also includes individual sections containing papers from recent international seminars on Kierkegaard's thought. One section provides a glimpse into the most recent work from the rich tradition of French Kierkegaard research. Another section includes leading papers from recent Hungarian Kierkegaard scholarship. These contributions serve to make this number of the Yearbook the most international to date and are proof of the growing interest in international Kierkegaard research.


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