Pseudojustin - Über die Auferstehung
Text und Studie
Heimgartner, Martin
2001, 362 S, Gb, (Gruyter)
Bestell-Nr. 124892

149,95 EUR

The tractate "On the Resurrection" preserved only in fragments, was attributed in church tradition to Justin. In an extensive introductory section, the present work examines the attestation of the text, which is then critically edited and translated into German. In detailed studies on the content, background, time and site of composition, as well as on the question of its authorship, Heimgartner comes to the conclusion that the tractate is likely to come from the apologist Atheagoras. Extensive appendices on the Vatopedi Florilegium and on prokop of Gaza's "Epitome", as well as concordance of and special bibliography on Pseudo-Justin, complete the volume.


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