Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals
Horn / Schönecker
2006, 343 S, Kt, (Gruyter)
Bestell-Nr. 123938

72,95 EUR

Führende Fachleute der internationalen Kant-Forschung reflektieren in Beiträgen in englischer Sprache den aktuellen Forschungsstand und machen neue Gesichtspunkte geltend, die der Deutung der Grundlegung zur Metaphysik der Sitten frische Impulse verleihen.
Kant’s Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals from 1785 is one of the most important and influential texts in the whole history of philosophy. Its central purpose is to develop the categorical imperative. The present collected volume contains papers on central theoretical aspects. Contents Nico Scarano (Tübingen) Necessity andApriority in Kant’sMoral Philosophy: An Interpretation of the Groundwork’s Preface Groundwork I Allen Wood (Stanford) The GoodWithout Limitation Christoph Horn (Bonn) Kant on Ends in Nature and in Human Agency: The Teleological Argument Marcia Baron (Indiana) Acting from Duty Harald Köhl (Berlin) The Derivation of the Moral Law Groundwork II Marcus Willaschek (Frankfurt a.M.) Practical Reason. A commentary on Kant’s Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals Bernd Ludwig (Göttingen) Kant’s Hypothetical Imperatives Groundwork III Klaus Steigleder (Bochum) The Analytic Relationship of Freedom andMorality Corinna Mieth and Jacob Rosenthal (Bonn) Freedom must be presupposed as a property of the will of all rational beings Marcel Quarfood (Stockholm) The Circle and the Two Standpoints Dieter Schönecker (Siegen) How is a categorical imperative possible? Kant’s deduction of the categorical imperative A Bibliography on Kant’s Groundwork General Index


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